Board and Committees



  1. The General Assembly:
    1. Approves the general policy of the Society.

    2. Elects the Administrative Board.
    3. Approves the annual administrative and financial reports.

  2. The Administrative Board:
    Sets, supervises and evaluates the general policy of the Society.

    No. Administrative Board
    1 Eng. Mohammad Jardaneh President
    2 Al Khair Makkawi Deputy President
    3 Ibrahim Al Armouty Treasurer
    4 Ala’a Jardaneh Secretariat
    5 Badriya Abd Al Jalil Member
    6 Najat Abu Zahra Member
    7 Dr. Attiyah Mamood Member
    8 Omar Jardaneh Member
    9 Eng. Khaled Tabbalat Member
    10 Eng. Nidal Nasir Aldeen Member
    11 Eng. Tareq Othman Member
  3. The Board of Education:
    Sets, supervises and evaluates the educational policy of the ACS schools.

    No. Board of Education
    1 Intesar Jardaneh President
    2 Dr. Attiyah Mamood Member
    3 Badriya Abd Al Jalil Member
    4 Hana’a Saad Al deen Member
    5 Fadi Hashem Member
  4. The Social Committee:
    Plans, implements and evaluates social activities to provide financial resources for the charitable projects of the Society.

    No. Social Committee
    1 Najat Abu Zahra President
    2 Rawia Kanaan Member
    3 Muneera Abu Hejleh Member
    4 Zenat Abu Shmeis Member
    5 Hind Aboyni Member
    6 Donia Alqasim Member
    7 Kawthar Al Abwah Member
    8 Hanan Shweika Member
    9 Hiyam Abd Al Jalil Member
    10 Asmahan Al Taher Member
    11 Attaf Al Budairi Member


  5. Heritage Committee

    No. Heritage Committee
    1 Layla Nusseibeh President
    2 Seham Al Alami Member
    3 Naela Sunono Member
    4 Nahla Darwazeh Member
    5 Suhad Arafat Member



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